Eddie L. Wilson

Eddie L. Wilson

Coweta County Commission Candidate for District 2

My wife of 33 years, Kathy,our daughters, Sherry and Lisa, and I moved to Coweta County in 1984. We were drawn to the closeness of the community and the rural, small town character. Our two daughters grew up here and we have been active members of the community in church, school and community organizations and activities.

Our county has grown up quicker than our children. We have seen good growth and not-so-good growth over the past 26 years. Coweta County is still a great place to raise a family. There is plenty to do with your children, lots of shopping and restaurants, cultural and entertainment venues, parks and recreational facilities – for all ages. We have viable businesses - small and large. And with all of this, we have managed to protect a large part of our small town atmosphere. We should want to keep it that way for our children and our grandchildren. We can do that, but it will take effort and sufficient planning as more large businesses move into the area.

As a candidate for the District 2 Commission seat, my goal is to be a strong voice for the residents of my district on the Coweta County Board of Commissioners. I can bring a fresh look as a member of the board. My feeling is that the people should have a choice in representation and know that their choice will take their opinions and ideas seriously. I am not involved in the building industry, do not own a business, nor do I have any other areas that could be interpreted as a conflict of interest. District 2 is predominantly rural and I will work to preserve the rural atmosphere while accommodating growth.

During my 31 years at Delta Air Lines, many of those years in management, I was responsible for developing, planning, and executing large projects, which included budget planning and management. I am experienced in successfully managing large projects and fiscal accountability – on time and under budget. I have a reputation for spending the company’s money as if it were my own.

Over the next few years, there are several things that can make an impact on the district. One is the Chattahoochee Bend State Park, slated to open in the summer of 2011, which will bring visitors to the western part of the county and possibly encourage residential building in the area. Another is the Moreland mega site. As the economy improves and this site is developed it will have a tremendous impact on the Moreland/Grantville area. We need to review the land use and zoning maps to ensure they are properly drawn to make room for orderly commercial growth, but still protect the rural areas. The recently passed state transportation funding bill is yet another area that will require a constant watch to ensure that our county receives its share of the benefits.

From a countywide prospect, I would work to recruit manufacturing companies and businesses that offer better paying, quality jobs. I would also look for ways to encourage new small businesses and expansion of existing businesses. One important thing I learned in budgeting is that is takes constant reviews to be sure every dollar is being spent wisely. With five districts in our county, it is important that all commissioners work together for the good of the entire county, not just one area.

I will support our public service organizations by doing everything possible to retain services already in place, and address funding needs for future projects as necessary. Our emergency organizations provide vital services to our community and require the necessary support of government agencies to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Reviewing county zoning, building and business ordinances would keep the Board ahead of the game in keeping them up to date and representative of current situations. We should do that during this time of economic down turn and housing slow down to develop a plan that gives steady, but controlled growth. As our economy improves, growth will take off again and we do not need to be playing catch-up.

My goal when elected, is to be an advocate for the citizens of District 2, making sure their voices are heard, and to set the framework for Coweta County to be the place we will want to live and raise our families in 20 or more years from now


Please feel free to contact me.

E-mail: Eddie@eddielwilson.com

Phone: (770) 583-2062